Favikon, Favicon Generator For The Masses

Stumbled onto a simple but useful free online service last week named Favikon.

As the name suggests, it is related to the small but often memorable favicon or favourite icon. For those that don’t know what a favicon is – it’s the small icon shown in the address bar to the left of the domain name, in your bookmarks and serves as a visual way to remember a domain or web site.

The Favikon generator service is dead simple:

  1. choose an existing image already on the internet by URL or upload one from your computer in PNG, GIF or JPG file formats
  2. use the web based cropping tool to highlight all or part of the image
  3. download it and be impressed with your masterful graphic ability

I realise that it isn’t mind bending, however I found it so simple that I actually bothered to create a favicon for my personal site – which I haven’t bothered to do in 5 years!

2 thoughts on “Favikon, Favicon Generator For The Masses

  1. I have been trying to set up a favicon for a while now. I have created several which I believe are the correct format and size but so far I cannot get the little bugger to display.

    Where did you upload the icon and did you modify the html of your site to do it the right way (per W3C conventions).

  2. You need to upload the image into the root of your site, so in my case it lives at http://www.lattimore.id.au/favicon.ico.

    Your browser will, by default, look for that particular file name when loading a site to use as the favicon.

    In the <head> section of the template for your site, you’ll want to add a line like the following (with the values changed of course):

    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://www.lattimore.id.au/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />

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