Firefox Software Upgrade Process Inefficient

I’m using Firefox for the first time on my notebook in quite some time and I noticed that it was downloading an update.

Curiously, I checked to see what version I was currently running and it was 3.0.10 and I assumed that it was going to update Firefox to the latest 3.5 series but I was mistaken. Instead, it upgraded to 3.0.11 which I thought was odd. As soon as it had completed, I checked for updates again and it said that another was available – surely this time it’ll get to Firefox 3.5, no it upgraded to 3.0.12. Checked again and another update was available and finally, it managed to upgrade Firefox to the latest and greatest version.

I’m sure there is a reason for doing an inline upgrade, however you’d think if you were going from 3.0 series into 3.5 series of an upgrade that it’d just make the jump and be done with it.