Google Analytics Mostly Streamlined Login Process

Google Analytics streamlined login buttonThis week Google Analytics received a small upgrade – specifically related to the login process.

Until now, no matter how often you use Google Analytics, as a user you were forced to login every time you returned to the site. It frustrates users so much that if you use Google Analytics quite a lot, it became a habit to leave a window open with Google Analytics logged in just for the simplicity.

With the latest update, the Google Analytics team are saying that you no longer need to login and that the process has been streamlined. I’d argue that only part of that statement is true, you do not need to authenticate – however it isn’t streamlined.

The majority of other Google services, once you’ve authenticated once and subsequently return – it reads in your Google Account information and you immediately have access to the service. For some reason, the Google Analytics team have chosen against a consistent authentication progress that is common amongst many other Google services and the user is forced to click a button to enter.

The process won’t be streamlined until it functions like Google Mail, Google Reader and so on. I welcome the improvement – at least I no longer need to type in my account information all the time – however since they already know that I’m authenticated, I shouldn’t need to click again to re-enter the application.

1 thought on “Google Analytics Mostly Streamlined Login Process

  1. If anything, I find this “upgrade” a little more annoying than having to re-login. Maybe it’ll take some getting used to, but my brain just seems to blank the “Access analytics” button, leaving me sitting is a state of confusion for several hours unable to access my analytics.

    I don’t really see why GA have done it this way, as you’ve said the Gmail login method is far superior.

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