Google Maps Labs

In true Google fashion, they have recently extended the reach of their ‘labs’ experiments by releasing a Google Maps Labs – a place for the Google Maps team to experiment with new features that may or may not be ready for mainstream use within Google Maps.

The latest extensions available from within Google Maps Labs are:

  • Drag ‘n’ Zoom
  • Aerial Imagery
  • Back to Beta
  • Where in the World Game
  • Rotatable Maps
  • What’s Around Here?
  • LatLng Tooltip
  • LatLng Marker
  • Smart Zoom

I really like the implementation of the Drag ‘n’ Zoom experimental feature and it is something that I think I’ll definitely leave enabled. The two LatLng lab experiments are going to be very useful to people who use Google Maps a lot and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Smart Zoom make its way into Google Maps as a default feature going forward either.

To enabled any of the currently available Google Maps Labs experimental features, look for a link in the top right hand corner of Google Maps beside  your user links such as My Profile, My Account, Help & Sign Out.