How To Make Me Unsubscribe From Your Email List

Australia Fair Shopping Centre email frequencyI’m subscribed to dozens and dozens of email subscription lists around the world, ranging in topics as far apart as high end sports cars to online marketing and everything in between.

It has been said countless times before that anyone building an email marketing list needs to treat their email subscribers with respect. A lot of businesses choose to implement double opt-in systems to guarantee that a person really wants to receive semi-regular email marketing correspondence and some even go as far as re-opting them in periodically as well. Double opt-in isn’t a silver bullet that authorises a sender to blast emails out, merely a confirmation that they’d like to receive a respectful amount of email from a company.

Historically speaking, I don’t tend to unsubscribe from email lists unless something goes wrong or I have a change of tact for a while. However, in more recent times I’ve become far less tolerant of mediocre or only ‘okay’ quality content or senders who don’t respect my inbox. Now a sender need only step over the line for a short period of time and I’ll start hovering the unsubscribe link.

In the case of Australia Fair Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast, I provided them my email address for a competition they were running. It wasn’t long after I entered the competition that I began receiving emails from the shopping centre about all manner of things, all well structured and on topic. Unfortunately, their frequency has increased to a point now where I just can’t be bothered to open them to find out what businesses have sales or promotions on anymore & would rather just unsubscribe to make the email stream go away. Of course for Australia Fair Shopping Centre and their businesses, this is the worst possible outcome for them.

I can only hope that someone in their marketing team might stumble onto this short post. If they do, my recommendation is to rethink the email schedule, maybe change the email format so you can send fewer emails per week but still get the same content in or allow your subscribers to choose what sort of content to receive to reduce the email footprint.

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  1. What I hate is when you do finally decide to “unsubscribe”, the very next day you receive more of the same, or similar but from an associated site.

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