HTML <title> Elements Play Significant Role In Search Engine Optimisation

Approximately six months ago, I mentioned that I was going to conduct a small test regarding the impact that optimising the HTML <title> element has from a search engine optimisation stand point.

In December when I wrote that, #if debug was a very new site – in fact it has been online for exactly one month. It’ll come as no surprise that no one knew about the site, in fact even to this day a limited number of people know about the site. Fortunately though, I do have evidence to suggest that more know about it now than they did in December!

In the announcement, I had said that a 10% increase in traffic would have been considered a success. Given that the site was taking approximately 60 visits per week at that time – optimising the <title> attribute would need to increase that to around 65 visits to be considered a success.

In the image above, you can see if the effect of optimising the <title> element in the HTML. The change was made at the marker point directly above the 25 in “Nov 25, 2007 – Dec 1, 2007”. I’m not sure what caused the dip in traffic immediately after the change, however once it recovered – the increased traffic has been maintained or increased. The marker point second from the right delivered a whopping 67 visits for the week and as such I’m going to claim this a victory (even if it is very very small!).

In the following few months, this tiny site has grown from zero visits and has steadily been increasing month on month to a lofty figure a little over 400 visits per month! I realise that isn’t a lot of traffic by anyones measurement, however for a site that has had very little effort put in and next to no attention directed its way – it isn’t half bad.