Jim Mirkalami, The Lurking Spammer

Today I received a curious comment into #if debug:

Name: Jim Mirkalami
Email: jim@homenetmail.com
Comment: I have been visiting this site a lot lately, so i thought it is a good idea to show my appreciation with a comment.
Jim Mirkalami

Other than the fact it is a fairly standard useless comment, it perked my interest immediately when he mentioned that he’d been visiting the site a lot lately. While I’m sure my content has been nothing short of engaging, it’d be surprising given I’m using a standard WordPress template and the domain is only three months old.

For the sake of it, a quick investigation about Jim Mirkalami reveals that he has been using a lot of peoples sites lately. In fact, not only has he been using them – he has been leaving a similar or identical comment on them all.

I suspect that Jim is a clever sort of a bloke, looking for smaller gains than your average spammer. Instead of dropping a comment with a dozen or more links – his comments don’t include any links. The comment uses plain English, so it is less likely to get hit by a bayesian filter and polite enough that some people would let it through their comment moderation. Mr Mirkalami also appears to favour the highly visible domains such as Google and Yahoo!.

At some point down the road, Jim is going to return to the sites that he later found to accept his comment and is hoping to exploit a convenient option that most WordPress users enable. The option is related to comment moderation and allows someone to pass through comment moderation once they have had a comment approved.

If Jim is doing what I suspect he is, you have to give him a little credit for showing a small amount of patience with his spamming. Of course, that credit becomes completely invalid when you remember that he is nothing but a filthy filthy spammer.

5 thoughts on “Jim Mirkalami, The Lurking Spammer

  1. Ahhhhh Jim – I thought I was the only one. I feel used now LOL.

    Thanks for posting this though I didn’t quite trust Mr Mirkalami’s comment and this helps me banish him to the spam folder.

  2. Luke,

    Funny you mention that, when I first started looking into it – I noticed a lot of bad press regarding the name. At the time, I didn’t look any further and thought the liklihood that it’d be the same person were slim.

    After reading your thoughts on the matter though, I think you could have very well hit the nail on the head.

    You have to admire the tactics used to remove the bad press though, heh.


  3. Apparently I received a mail from a certain Jim Mirkalami regarding removal of the post coz it maligns his name and identity. I tried replying to him, but the mail couldn’t get through.

    Here’s the post where I have reported all of this . I guess this is another attempt of yet another spammer or may be the same. Did you get any of these?


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