Matt Mullenweg Changes Domain

Blogging master and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg has changed domain.

Matt has been blogging for the last seven years under, which was an appropriate domain at the the time. Early on in the piece, Matt would post photos regularly and any photos of him often included his own camera.

Since leaving CNet and founding Automattic, Matt has been fiercely committed to developing the blogging platform WordPress and its associated products Ping-o-matic, Akismet and recently Gravatar.

How times have changed for Matt, after taking the initial gamble of starting Automattic – the company has just closed a USD$29.5 million dollar series B funding. The new round of funding is going to allow the team to not worry about money for salaries for the next few years and really focus on enhancing their current product line and building out new ones.

With the change, the new internet home of Matt Mullenweg is announced