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Web Design Faux Pas

Over the last three months, Queensland Teachers’ Credit Union have been rolling out a series of small changes to some of their online services. I first noticed the updates via their internet banking site when they removed the ability for you to login with only the keyboard – it now requires that the password is entered via the mouse and a ‘moving’ keyboard.

As a by product of recently rebuilding my home machine, I don’t have my bookmarks set up and needed to navigate to the Queensland Teachers’ Credit Union home page to find my way into their netbanking. Suffice to say, I was shocked when I was confronted by a welcome page. Apparently I missed the memo that said that welcome pages were an acceptable design decision for a web site. Not only is the welcome page poorly designed, the next page you’re presented with after clicking through isn’t a whole lot better. In my opinion, if Queensland Teachers’ Credit Union are set on having client testimonials on their site – they should remove the annoying welcome page and integrate them into the slightly better ‘home’ page.

Since the Queensland Teachers’ Credit Union are a financial institution, I would have expected that anything presented on their web site would have to go through many stages of checking and verification by various teams before it was published on their production site. If that were the case, I’m surprised that after the checking that the welcome page made it into product – I wonder who considered it to be a good design decision?