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Spinning Subtraction

I recently wrote about a set of visualisations by Lokesh Dhakar that I thought were fantastic. While the visual representations of the coffee and baseball pitches were excellent, I really enjoyed the new design that Lokesh has put together. Without knowing any better, I would assume that he has taken inspiration for it from Subtraction; but the way that it has been bent and morphed is a really interesting spin on the exceptional grid based design of Khoi Vinh.

In March this year, Khoi put together a fantastic document for a presentation about designing with grids. The thing I like most about the document is that you can easily use it as a process for getting your site proportions correct. Tackling the visual design problem is something that a lot of people struggle with. In my particular case, I find it difficult as there are so many options available that I can never really decide on which combination of those options should be put together.

When I get around to putting my own design over top of this site, I think I’m going to re-read that document to see if I can develop a more cohesive and well balanced design out of it.