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Automattic Account Management

Automattic, the fine folk behind the WordPress blogging engine, wordpress.com and Akismet have started merging accounts between wordpress.com and Gravatar.

Toward the start of 2006, I signed up for an account with wordpress.com and for obvious reasons, I’ve never needed to use it. Not that long afterward, I used the API key that was provided with my wordpress.com to fight spam using Akismet.

Today I signed into Gravatar, a web service acquired by Automattic late in 2007 to check some settings and was presented with some information about upcoming changes to my existing account. Not having used my wordpress.com account actively, I had to go sifting through signup emails from two years ago; not unsurprisingly, my account still had the randomly generated password!

Within two minutes of finding my wordpress.com account information, I’d followed the prompts and merged/associated it with my existing Gravatar account. The way in which this is being handled is great, it’s a passive change that happens when you next sign in and if you do have an existing wordpress.com account – you can associate them together.

The best thing is now I have one less login to worry about and I can see all of my information for all Automattic assets in one place!

Matt Mullenweg Changes Domain

Blogging master and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg has changed domain.

Matt has been blogging for the last seven years under http://photomatt.net, which was an appropriate domain at the the time. Early on in the piece, Matt would post photos regularly and any photos of him often included his own camera.

Since leaving CNet and founding Automattic, Matt has been fiercely committed to developing the blogging platform WordPress and its associated products Ping-o-matic, Akismet and recently Gravatar.

How times have changed for Matt, after taking the initial gamble of starting Automattic – the company has just closed a USD$29.5 million dollar series B funding. The new round of funding is going to allow the team to not worry about money for salaries for the next few years and really focus on enhancing their current product line and building out new ones.

With the change, the new internet home of Matt Mullenweg is announced http://ma.tt

WordPress Drop Technorati For Incoming Links

WordPress has a feature in it which shows activity surrounding your particular blog, named “Incoming Links”. For a long time, WordPress has been using the services of blog search engine and aggregator Technorati to deliver this feature. Using Technorati was an excellent decision for quite some time, especially when blogging was still relatively new and Technorati where blazing their own trail in that space. It made even more sense when Automattic released Pingomatic, as virtually all blogging platforms sent activity notifications to that and Technorati subscribed to that stream of data.

Things started to change and the usefulness of Technorati started to fade as the big guns entered into the blog search space, namingly Google. Google Blog Search was a great service on its own, using the incredible infrastructure behind Google to keep their blog search index fresh. Not being content with great, Google set out to make their Google Blog Search index exceptionally fresh as they started accepting ping notifications. Of course, as soon as that happened – Pingomatic started sending notifications into Google, which has yielded an index which is minty fresh – usually showing only minutes of delay.

With the recent release of WordPress 2.3, the WordPress team have now switched from Technorati to Google Blog Search for their “Incoming Links” feature. This single link change could have a fairly profound impact on Technorati, as with literally hundreds of thousands of blogs running WordPress – they were getting traffic for free. The lack of the link from WordPress, coupled with the superior fire power of Google and tongues have to be wagging about the future of blog search engine Technorati.