Thank You Twitter

Over the weekend, I signed up for a shiny new account with Twitter. Without realising it at the time, I had actually typed my username incorrectly and missed a t out of Lattimore.

Being a bit of a pedant at times, I went to sign up for another account with the username I wanted only to find out that Twitter wouldn’t allow me to sign up with the same email address. Not wanting to sign up with a different email address, I was going to email the Twitter mob and see if they could just rename my account for me.

To my surprise, the Twitter development crew supply a convenient ‘delete my account’ option. To my surprise, it seems as though clicking that really does delete your account – all of it. As soon as I had confirmed that I wanted it deleted, I was able to immediately create another account with the username I wanted and using my existing email address.

It’s a small thing but I really appreciate it when services put in convenient functionality like that.