You Know You’re Popular When

Today my personal site was pinged by Live Business Radio. As I do as a matter of course, I checked out the Live Business Radio web site and was disappointed to find that it’s nothing more than your average run of the mill site ridden with advertising, spam and buy this crap product now.

I get pinged by web sites regularly that don’t have anything to do with me and when I saw the site, I was about to abandon it immediately. Just before I did though, I scanned over the article and noticed that I’d been featured in a list of sites with a high Google Pagerank which offered links which are ‘followed’. It wouldn’t be a good filthy spammers site if they didn’t offer you software (for a fee) which you could use to spam take advantage of the followed links.

If you’re not quite sure what I’m referring to regarding the ‘followed’ remark, you can read about it on my personal site:

I should feel so honoured.